English Sounds Code (ESC) for children and adults

The numeric code that uses the sound-box
numbers on the English Spelling Chart.

English Sounds Code. The ESC Videos

English Keyword Raps
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THRASSUK Teaching Videos

These videos help children and adults (as individuals, or in pairs, groups or classes) to better understand the sounds, spellings (keyspellings and non-keyspellings), syllables, consonant blends and rhymes in English words. For pupils, students, student teachers, teachers and parents, these videos are a great way to learn or revise the building blocks of English words.

THRASSUK Teaching Videos.
English Alphabet, English Keywords Rap and English 44 Sounds.
English Sounds Code. The ESC Videos.
Where's the Sound? Videos.

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THRASSUK Teaching Videos for Children and Adults
ESC Video Teaching Screens

English Spelling Chart
Deskcharts and Wallcharts

English Spelling Chart THRASS UK

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